30-Minute New Year New Core Sequence {Beginner}


Hi Strangers!


First off Happy New Year! I hope you all rang in the new year surrounded by the ones you love! Second off I have to apologize for getting off schedule, okay WAY off schedule with my posts. Life just kind of got carried away for a bit but don’t worry, because I am back and ready to completely devote this year to showing you the importance yoga. I am going to guess that the holidays were filled with sweets, wine, cozy couches and warm fires. I know mine was. I was feeling very sluggish after I returned from the holidays so for the first post of the new year I came with a New Year New Core sequence!


The four W’s of yoga


Where: It’s the new year so I found a new spot that I have never been before. A spot that brought me joy and made my practice that much better. My new spot happened to be outside because nature is my great escape.  I advise you to go out and find your new great escape, wherever that may be! It could be at a new park, in a lovely new yoga studio, in a garden, on a beach, on the rooftop of a city building. It can be anywhere really, just make sure it’s NEW!!

When: The New Year New Core sequence focuses on toning the stomach. In order to see results with this sequence it is best to perform it at least three times a week for 30-60 minutes each session. I like to start my week off strong so what better way to do that than to start with this tough New Year New Core sequence. I normally switch up routines every other day in order to allow my muscles some time recovery time so Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s are the days I have found to work best with my schedule. If you can set aside 30-60 minuets for three days out of your busy schedule you will fall in love with this new session


What to Wear: Well, I practiced this New Year New Core sequence outside in the dead of winter so I picked out my warmest yoga attire. As you can see from the pictures, I wore some very comfy leg warmers along with another pair of yoga socks. The flowy sweater pictured is from Victoria’s Secret. It is perfect because it is loose enough to move with me but also warm enough to keep me from getting to chilly. As always I advise to dress in something that brings you confidence. If you are as daring as I and enjoy the cold weather, choose wisely what you wear.


Why: Everyone loves feeling strong why not start with the core. This sequence will not only help kick start your new year new you goal but it is also going to help prepare you for that wonderful summer body. Are there any better reasons than that? Well yea there are probably a lot of other reasons that make this sequence great but when you are freshly stuffed with holiday foods and ready to get back that beach body that is the only reason you really need.


Try it out! If this New Year New Core sequence sounds like something you would benefit from schedule 30-60 minutes three days a week into your planner, find that new location, pick out your most confident comfy clothes and give it a go! Incorporate these five new core poses into your every day sequence and I promise you will feel the burn! I would love to hear your feedback on it. What you loved what you liked what you disliked (but keep it clean).

Remember: Yoga is only beneficial to your mind and your body, so make it count. Don’t forget to breathe, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Hold for 30 seconds repeat 3 times. Practice makes perfect. Have fun!


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Until next time
Cherie Ann

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10-Minute Yoga Sequence for the Adventurous Hiker {Beginner}

Hello fellow adventurers!

Are you ready for some last minute summer adventures? I know I am! Nick and I are getting ready to backpack through the mid west for our final summer so I thought I would put together a series of poses that will prepare you for any adventure you decided to endeavor on before the leaves begin to fall.

The four W’s of yoga

Where: These poses can really be performed anywhere you would like. For me, because I am preparing myself for a proper hike I like to set the mood and practice these poses outside where I can connect with the trees around me. I have a few trails near my home where I like to set my mat up. I would suggest picking a spot you are most comfortable with, a place where you are familiar with and have been to before. Once I decide what trail, I like to find a more secluded place on the trail to practice. Obviously there will be others spending their time on the trails as well but if you can, find a spot with the fewest distractions. That way you will be sure to get the full benefit of this adventurous hiker sequence!


When: In any season I like to practice all sequences early in the morning. But this hot season particularly I try to get up and out there as soon as I can so I can beat the heat. Morning practices also benefit you in many ways. It can activate your mind and muscles and energize your body for the day ahead. If you are not a morning person or do not find you have enough time in the morning I would suggest practicing this adventurous hiker sequence in the cooler hours of the night, around sunset. If you find that the middle of the day is the best time for you and the heat doesn’t bother you then, hey! You do you! Just make sure to bring lots of water and stay hydrated!

What to wear: As stated before this is a hot, hot season and I don’t like to be any hotter than I need to be. So for this sequence I like to wear the least amount of clothing possible. I normally pick out a pair of Nike Pro spandex and a sports bra for this adventurous hiker sequence. If you are one who does not like to expose a lot of skin, I would pick a loose fitted shirt and some shorts. Temperature is crucial and you want to make sure you don’t over heat while doing something that you love right? So pick an outfit that you feel most comfortable in but don’t forget to factor the degrees on your temperature gage.


Why: I love the adventurous hiker sequence because it prepares me for what’s ahead. It strengthens my legs and stomach, enhances my breath and balance and changes my mindset. I am more relaxed and confident after this sequence. I always feel that I can do so much more on my hikes. If I do not preform these poses I often don’t get the full benefit of my hike. I don’t appreciate the adventure as much. And I have found that, that is because I am more focused on not losing my breath or having to take breaks to stretch out my calves than I am on the adventure itself. Practicing the adventurous hiker sequence before hand prepares my body and mind and allows me to appreciate the hike much more. I have listed some specific reasons for why these poses are beneficial for the adventurer so be sure to check those out!




Give it a shot! If you are about to endeavor on an extraordinary adventure don’t forget to practice this adventurous hiker sequence! If your adventure takes place during the warmer months pick out and outfit that is loose fitted or of lesser material. Find a location that suits you and will allow you to get in the mood and really prepare yourself for your upcoming voyage! Try to set your yoga mat up in the cooler hours of the day, either dawn or dusk. Or, if you prefer midday then plan accordingly! And as always, if you are finding it hard to convince yourself to practice this magnificent set of poses than refer back to the why section! See what you like and don’t like about my routine, advise and playlist take notes and get back to me. I would love to hear how you felt before, during and after. Also feedback on my post is always welcome too so long as it is expressed with kindness.



Remember: Yoga is only beneficial to your mind and your body, so make it count. Don’t forget to breathe, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Hold for 30 seconds repeat 3 times. Practice makes perfect. Have fun!





Until next time,

Cherie Ann




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Everyone loves a good challenge right? Tune in to Meraki Over Mind on Instagram and check out what I’m challenging myself with each month!


This months challenge: The flying Pigeon.


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10-Minute Yoga Sequence for the Early Bird {Beginner}

Good morning friends!

Welcome to my bedroom! I have a special morning sequence in store for you! This morning was a struggle. With it being so close to the weekend, yet feeling so far away my early bird yoga sequence was the only thing motivating me to get up and out of bed. As I’m sure others struggle with that morning buzzer I figured I would share my sequence with you! Be sure to subscribe here to receive the FREE sequence guide and playlist. Enjoy!


The four W’s of yoga


Where Performing a yoga sequence anywhere will probably result in a good session but there’s nothing like waking up from a good nights sleep and beginning this early bird sequence in your very own bedroom, am I right? I love my morning yoga routines mainly because my bed is extra soft and made specific to my liking. I mean come on; you all know you would choose a soft bed over a hard floor. Though a hard surface is ideal for longer yoga sessions that require strength and posture, a soft surface for this short sequence is perfectly fine. Another reason I like my morning sequences is because of the light that the morning sun illuminates through the curtains of my window. It gives off a sort of greenish tint that helps make the room a more peaceful environment. I live in a college apartment so I do not have the luxury of painting my own room. Having my curtains to set the mood is the best I can do for the time being but I do quite like it. I like to find the most relaxing and calming room in my home to do the early bird sequence. So, if you are not like me and your room is not a place that provides a comforting feel for you. Try finding a similar place in your home that will. For me a cozy space means soothing colors, soft surfaces and warmer temperatures. A place where there will be no distractions.



When I always try to start my sequence the moment I wake up. Before I completely fill my brain with all the tasks that I need to get done that day I try to focus all of my energy on the poses. I have tried to get ready for the day and then perform my morning routine but I have found that it is too hard for me to focus my energy on the routine by that point. So, as soon as I hit the alarm I like to stretch out a little and then get into my first position. Once in that first position I am fully committed to my routine. I never stop half way through a sequence either. I feel that I would not get the full benefit of the routine if I were to.


What to wear Because this is an early bird sequence and I have already stated that I like to perform the routine in my very own bed it is only logical that I wear my pjs for this set. Now, I know when you hear the word “pjs” you are probably thinking of the typical flannel style pjs that we all love so much but that’s not exactly what I prefer. The night before I pick out a loose, off the shoulder top with leggings. It is more about personal comfort than style but I have noticed that when I wear outfits that I feel good in I always perform my best. With that said, choosing the outfit is more a personal preference, try to aim for comfort but if you get a little stylish with it along the way that is okay too.


Why Well, there are a lot of reasons why performing a morning sequence is beneficial for your mind and body. I have listed some of those reasons in the early bird sequence guide that I have provided. On a personal level I have noticed that I am always in a better mood than I am if I skip a day and don’t do my morning routine especially if it is on a day that I have to get up earlier than my normal time. No one likes to get out of bed earlier than they are used to I’m sure. With this early bird yoga sequence I always feel fully prepared for whatever day I have waiting for me on the other side of my bedroom door. I have also noticed that when I do my morning yoga I am more likely to do my nightly routine as well and therefore it helps me keep my practices consistent. If  there are days that I don’t feel like I have enough time to do my routine I skip it. But let me tell you it always ends up hurting me in the end. I try to make time for my routine, (even if that does mean an early, early bird routine) because morning yoga makes me a friendlier, happier, smarter person and I would take that over a sad discouraged and stressed person. Wouldn’t you? I think so!




Give it a shot! The next time you hear that alarm clock ringing include this early bird yoga sequence in the daily steps you take while preparing for the day. You are already in your location of practice so there is no need to stress about traveling to the desired spot. Also, you should have already picked out an outfit the night before, so no need to fret about that. If you find that you are questioning why you should perform this sequence, just remember all the benefits that come with this simple yoga session. See what you like and don’t like about this routine, advice and playlist. Take notes and get back to me. I would love to hear how you felt before, during and after. Also feedback on my posts are always welcome too, so long as it is expressed with kindness.


Remember: Yoga is only beneficial to your mind and your body, so make it count. Don’t forget to breathe, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Hold for 30 seconds repeat. Practice makes perfect, and Have fun!



Until next time,

Cherie Ann 



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[May-Rah-Kee] (n.) To do something with soul, creativity or love, leaving a piece of yourself in what you are doing.

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