10-Minute Yoga Sequence for the Adventurous Hiker {Beginner}

Hello fellow adventurers!

Are you ready for some last minute summer adventures? I know I am! Nick and I are getting ready to backpack through the mid west for our final summer so I thought I would put together a series of poses that will prepare you for any adventure you decided to endeavor on before the leaves begin to fall.

The four W’s of yoga

Where: These poses can really be performed anywhere you would like. For me, because I am preparing myself for a proper hike I like to set the mood and practice these poses outside where I can connect with the trees around me. I have a few trails near my home where I like to set my mat up. I would suggest picking a spot you are most comfortable with, a place where you are familiar with and have been to before. Once I decide what trail, I like to find a more secluded place on the trail to practice. Obviously there will be others spending their time on the trails as well but if you can, find a spot with the fewest distractions. That way you will be sure to get the full benefit of this adventurous hiker sequence!


When: In any season I like to practice all sequences early in the morning. But this hot season particularly I try to get up and out there as soon as I can so I can beat the heat. Morning practices also benefit you in many ways. It can activate your mind and muscles and energize your body for the day ahead. If you are not a morning person or do not find you have enough time in the morning I would suggest practicing this adventurous hiker sequence in the cooler hours of the night, around sunset. If you find that the middle of the day is the best time for you and the heat doesn’t bother you then, hey! You do you! Just make sure to bring lots of water and stay hydrated!

What to wear: As stated before this is a hot, hot season and I don’t like to be any hotter than I need to be. So for this sequence I like to wear the least amount of clothing possible. I normally pick out a pair of Nike Pro spandex and a sports bra for this adventurous hiker sequence. If you are one who does not like to expose a lot of skin, I would pick a loose fitted shirt and some shorts. Temperature is crucial and you want to make sure you don’t over heat while doing something that you love right? So pick an outfit that you feel most comfortable in but don’t forget to factor the degrees on your temperature gage.


Why: I love the adventurous hiker sequence because it prepares me for what’s ahead. It strengthens my legs and stomach, enhances my breath and balance and changes my mindset. I am more relaxed and confident after this sequence. I always feel that I can do so much more on my hikes. If I do not preform these poses I often don’t get the full benefit of my hike. I don’t appreciate the adventure as much. And I have found that, that is because I am more focused on not losing my breath or having to take breaks to stretch out my calves than I am on the adventure itself. Practicing the adventurous hiker sequence before hand prepares my body and mind and allows me to appreciate the hike much more. I have listed some specific reasons for why these poses are beneficial for the adventurer so be sure to check those out!




Give it a shot! If you are about to endeavor on an extraordinary adventure don’t forget to practice this adventurous hiker sequence! If your adventure takes place during the warmer months pick out and outfit that is loose fitted or of lesser material. Find a location that suits you and will allow you to get in the mood and really prepare yourself for your upcoming voyage! Try to set your yoga mat up in the cooler hours of the day, either dawn or dusk. Or, if you prefer midday then plan accordingly! And as always, if you are finding it hard to convince yourself to practice this magnificent set of poses than refer back to the why section! See what you like and don’t like about my routine, advise and playlist take notes and get back to me. I would love to hear how you felt before, during and after. Also feedback on my post is always welcome too so long as it is expressed with kindness.



Remember: Yoga is only beneficial to your mind and your body, so make it count. Don’t forget to breathe, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Hold for 30 seconds repeat 3 times. Practice makes perfect. Have fun!





Until next time,

Cherie Ann




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