10-Minute Yoga Sequence for the Early Bird {Beginner}

Good morning friends!

Welcome to my bedroom! I have a special morning sequence in store for you! This morning was a struggle. With it being so close to the weekend, yet feeling so far away my early bird yoga sequence was the only thing motivating me to get up and out of bed. As I’m sure others struggle with that morning buzzer I figured I would share my sequence with you! Be sure to subscribe here to receive the FREE sequence guide and playlist. Enjoy!


The four W’s of yoga


Where Performing a yoga sequence anywhere will probably result in a good session but there’s nothing like waking up from a good nights sleep and beginning this early bird sequence in your very own bedroom, am I right? I love my morning yoga routines mainly because my bed is extra soft and made specific to my liking. I mean come on; you all know you would choose a soft bed over a hard floor. Though a hard surface is ideal for longer yoga sessions that require strength and posture, a soft surface for this short sequence is perfectly fine. Another reason I like my morning sequences is because of the light that the morning sun illuminates through the curtains of my window. It gives off a sort of greenish tint that helps make the room a more peaceful environment. I live in a college apartment so I do not have the luxury of painting my own room. Having my curtains to set the mood is the best I can do for the time being but I do quite like it. I like to find the most relaxing and calming room in my home to do the early bird sequence. So, if you are not like me and your room is not a place that provides a comforting feel for you. Try finding a similar place in your home that will. For me a cozy space means soothing colors, soft surfaces and warmer temperatures. A place where there will be no distractions.



When I always try to start my sequence the moment I wake up. Before I completely fill my brain with all the tasks that I need to get done that day I try to focus all of my energy on the poses. I have tried to get ready for the day and then perform my morning routine but I have found that it is too hard for me to focus my energy on the routine by that point. So, as soon as I hit the alarm I like to stretch out a little and then get into my first position. Once in that first position I am fully committed to my routine. I never stop half way through a sequence either. I feel that I would not get the full benefit of the routine if I were to.


What to wear Because this is an early bird sequence and I have already stated that I like to perform the routine in my very own bed it is only logical that I wear my pjs for this set. Now, I know when you hear the word “pjs” you are probably thinking of the typical flannel style pjs that we all love so much but that’s not exactly what I prefer. The night before I pick out a loose, off the shoulder top with leggings. It is more about personal comfort than style but I have noticed that when I wear outfits that I feel good in I always perform my best. With that said, choosing the outfit is more a personal preference, try to aim for comfort but if you get a little stylish with it along the way that is okay too.


Why Well, there are a lot of reasons why performing a morning sequence is beneficial for your mind and body. I have listed some of those reasons in the early bird sequence guide that I have provided. On a personal level I have noticed that I am always in a better mood than I am if I skip a day and don’t do my morning routine especially if it is on a day that I have to get up earlier than my normal time. No one likes to get out of bed earlier than they are used to I’m sure. With this early bird yoga sequence I always feel fully prepared for whatever day I have waiting for me on the other side of my bedroom door. I have also noticed that when I do my morning yoga I am more likely to do my nightly routine as well and therefore it helps me keep my practices consistent. If  there are days that I don’t feel like I have enough time to do my routine I skip it. But let me tell you it always ends up hurting me in the end. I try to make time for my routine, (even if that does mean an early, early bird routine) because morning yoga makes me a friendlier, happier, smarter person and I would take that over a sad discouraged and stressed person. Wouldn’t you? I think so!




Give it a shot! The next time you hear that alarm clock ringing include this early bird yoga sequence in the daily steps you take while preparing for the day. You are already in your location of practice so there is no need to stress about traveling to the desired spot. Also, you should have already picked out an outfit the night before, so no need to fret about that. If you find that you are questioning why you should perform this sequence, just remember all the benefits that come with this simple yoga session. See what you like and don’t like about this routine, advice and playlist. Take notes and get back to me. I would love to hear how you felt before, during and after. Also feedback on my posts are always welcome too, so long as it is expressed with kindness.


Remember: Yoga is only beneficial to your mind and your body, so make it count. Don’t forget to breathe, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Hold for 30 seconds repeat. Practice makes perfect, and Have fun!



Until next time,

Cherie Ann 



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