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Welcome to Meraki Over Mind! My name is Cherie, and I am so excited to share with you my journey through life with a little bit of yoga! Meraki Over Mind is set up to inspire you and others and help define a deeper understanding of what yoga is all about. You will find anything from specially made yoga sequences, sequence playlist and special locations to practice your yoga plus a little extra.

More About Me

I am a 23 year old college student studying the way the human moves to maintain or improve physical fitness. In other words, Exercise Science. Though currently residing in the mitten I will soon be making my way to the mountains of Colorado to broaden my studies in health and fitness and to also satisfy my travelers soul. I have traveled out of the country once when I spent the summer of 2015 in a village of Urubamba in Cusco, Peru. But I ache to discover more parts of this beautiful world. Below is a picture of the children I worked with and fell in love with during my stay.




My yoga matt is my inspiration, it is light blue and beautiful but it has seen some better days and may be soon to retire. Aside from yoga I also spend a lot of my time hiking, biking, shooting my bow and snowboarding. You will find that a lot of my “special locations” posted here will be outdoors as I am a nature freak. Something about the way the world works outside of the hussle and bustle just pulls me right in. If you must know my absolutely favorite part about being among the trees is the way their leaves look against the sun and the sky. With all the different shades of green flowing into one swirl of magnificent color, it really makes me appreciate the simple side of life. If you find yourself under a canopy of trees look closely and you might just see what I mean.

My Better Half

I could talk about him forever, but for now I will start with his name. Nicholas, my one and only. He is currently studying to become a Physicians Assistant. His favorite color is blue and he cherishes his millennium mustang. He lives for hockey and I just recently got him to join me as a yogi. He will most likely be accompanying me on most of my adventures that I post on here. His sarcastic yet loving personality draws you in, almost instantly. I haven’t met a single soul who doesn’t think the world of him. As cliché as it sounds it is true, he is everything that I am not. Here is a time line of our love.

August 2013 First met (Grand Valley State University – Organic Chemistry Lecture)

October 2013 Were the best of friends who spent all of their time studying together (Mary Pew Library)

July 2014 Fell in love (Haggard Park)

August 2014 Took a chance- August 22 to be exact (A Pool Party on Campus)

July 2015 A promise that is forever -a little green ring he brought back from studying abroad (Mystic Woods)

And the rest is yet to be written



We love to travel, we have been to Florida, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Delaware, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota and all over Michigan (obviously) together. We plan to continue our travels around the states and when the time comes, we hope to travel outside the states. When we have some spare time we love to find new ways to expand our knowledge outside of our daily studies. Whether that be by book, tv or experience. He loves to listen to me laugh and thinks I’m cute when I cry. He’s a true charmer but doesn’t know it. Life is better with him by my side. I would be lost without him.

Growing Up

I grew up in a nice little town by the name of Grand Ledge, I have two little brothers who I love dearly. One is all of 16 years and the other is 22 years. Growing up I adored my littlest brother David. He was and still is my entire world. My middle brother, Chad, and I got along fairly well when we were small but were quick to develop a hateful relationship. But don’t worry, we made up somewhere in between 12 and 18 and are now the closest we have ever been. I go to him for everything and he does the same. My brothers are my rocks. They are the two that have made me who I am today. I have four of the greatest parents I could ever ask for and I love them all so much. My mom and Babbo are my best friends, my supporters, and my guidance in life. Some day I hope to be able to thank them in a way that shows how much I am truly grateful for all that they have done for me.

Why I Blog

First, I love to write. I have journals on journals of writings. My thoughts, my adventures, my love, my family. Second, I like to help people in one way or another. So why not publish my way of life in the hopes of inspiring others!


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