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This is a blog of peace. With that said all comments on here should be stated with love and peace. Negative and harsh comments will not be appropriate for the sake of this blog and others involved in this blog. Though everyone is entitled to their own thoughts I advise that those thoughts be expressed with kindness.


Disclosure Policy

The content of this blog is a source of income which may entail the promotion of products, services and other businesses.

All products, services and business will only be promoted if I have used them or feel that they are beneficial for my readers

Trust is everything. I promise to always express my words with honesty and compromising the truth is never an option even if it means earning a few extra dollars

This blog is here to bring helpful, inspiring, and encouraging content for my readers while generating a small profit to compensate me for my time, research and ideas. I strive to deliver the best that I can and promise to make it my goal to be as honest as possible with each post. My respect for my readers is of highest value.


Privacy Policy

My blog does not share personal information with third parties. It also, does not store any information about your visit to this blog other than to inspect and optimize your content and reading experience through the use of cookies

Cookies may be turned off at anytime by changing your specific browser settings

Any information on this blog that is republished on other blogs or websites is not my responsibility without my permission

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice as the blog advances. Last update 6/26/16. If there are any questions feel free to contact me directly at merakiovermind {at} outlook {dot} com.


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